Jul 01, 2020

GIFF2019_Press Release_01_GIFF2019 opened on November 8 (Fri)!


Gangneung International Film Festival 2019 opened on November 8 (Fri)!

With the opening host KIM Seo-hyung's introduction, the opening performance 'Falling Leaves' was presented as a cine-concert by Gangneung Philharmonic Orchestra along with the opening film 'A Little Princess' and the closing film 'Don't Look Back'.
  • Opening performance film 'Falling Leaves', Opening film 'A Little Princess', Closing film 'Don't Look Back'
  • For a week, 73 films from 32 countries will be presented to the audience with keywords such as Cinema & Literature, Masters & Newcomers, and For Gangneung.
  • All the stars walked on the red carpet including the opening host KIM Seo-hyung, the chairman of advisory committee AHN Sung-ki, the member of advisory committee KIM Rae-won as well as the opening film stars NA Moon-hee and KIM Suan.

Gangneung International Film Festival 2019(GIFF 2019/ 2019. 11. 08. ~ 14, the Chairman of Organizing Committee KIM Dong-ho and Artistic Director KIM Hong-Joon) opened on Nov 8 (Fri), with its opening ceremony at Gangneung Arts Center for its 1-week film festival.

Gangneung International Film Festival 2019's opening performance film 'Falling Leaves' and opening film 'A Little Princess' The opening host is a Gangneung birth character actor, KIM Seo-hyung


Gangneung International Film Festival 2019's opening ceremony's opening host is an actor KIM Seo-hyung

For the GIFF's opening ceremony's opening host, KIM Seo-hyung, who was born in Gangneung and has presented outstanding performance, is selected. Unlike other film festival's opening ceremony, GIFF presented a monodrama-like opening ceremony and called the leading role as 'opening host.' KIM Seo-hyung, the opening host of the GIFF 2019 introduced the opening performance film "Falling Leaves" and the opening film "A Little Princess" for grand opening of the very last film festival of this year.


Gangneung International Film Festival 2019's opening performance film 'Falling Leaves' and opening film 'A Little Princess'

The opening performance film "Falling Leaves" is the work by Alice GUY BLACHE, one of the very first female film director. The film presented as a cine-concert with Gangneung Philharmonic Orchestra's live performance. What followed was the opening film "A Little Princess" that attracted the attention of the public for the nation's top actor NA Moon-hee and KIM Suan's staring. These leading actors walked on the red carpet of GIFF 2019's opening ceremony with actors CHOI Jung-won, GO Gyu-pil, and SIM Wan-jun and child actors KANG Bo-Kyung and LIM Han-bin.


Gangneung International Film Festival 2019's Chairman of Advisory Committee AHN Sung-ki and Member of Advisory Committee KIM Rae-won

The actor KIM Rae-won, who came from Gangneung, was appointed as the member of advisory committee and walked the red carpet at the opening ceremony. He has worked hard for the GIFF with AHN Sung-ki, the Chairman of advisory committee, and personally greeted the audience and Gangneung citizens who visited the film festival.

In addition, the actors AHN Seo-hyun, GO Bo-gyeol, HAN Ye-ri, JEONG Jae-gwang, KIM In-kwon, KWON Yul, LEE Se-eun, MOON So-ri, OH Ji-ho, PARK Myeong-hoon, YEA Ji-won, YEON Woo-jin, and singers BADA, Eugene, Ki Chan Lee celebrated the opening ceremony of the festival.

Three keywords of the GIFF : Cinema & Literature, Maters & Newcomers, and For Gangneung Full of films of cinematic quality satisfying both general audience and cinephile.

The GIFF visits the audience with three keywords. The first is 'Cinema & Literature' consisting of various literary films. 'Korea Literary Film Special' presents Korean literary films in 60-70s including "Mother and a Guest" by SHIN Sang-ok, "Rainy Days" by YU Hyun-mok along with a lecture explaining literary films and their development. Another section 'Women Write, Films Remember' shows "The Golden Era" starring Tang WEI, by Ann HUI, and "A Quite Passion" representing the life of Emily Dickinson. 'Expanded : Dylanesque' section, inspired by Bob Dylan who broke down the boundary between music and literature by winning the Nobel prize in literature in 2016 and expanded his artistic perspective to the cinema world, shows "Masked and Anonymous", "I'm Not There", and the closing film "Don't Look Back".

The second keyword 'Masters & Newcomers' shows master directors and newly debuted directors at once. 'Tribute GIFF : CHOI In-ho' shows "Whale Hunting", "The Flower on the Equator", "Heavenly Homecoming to Stars" and delivered special talk with directors including BAE Chang-ho, LEE Jang-ho and the actor AHN Sung-ki. 'Tribute GIFF : KORE-EDA Hirokazu' presents his representative works such as suspicious "Shoplifters", "Moborosi" and "Still Walking" along with the director KORE-EDA Hirokazu's master class section. 'ACID Cannes' is a sort of rookie section which carefully selected 10 films among ACID Cannes selected films from 2017 to 2019. There are showings including "Alone at My Wedding", "Solo" and "Kongo" and Guest Visits after those screenings.

'Classic GIFF' section in which classic films gathered presented "One Sings, The Other Doesn't" by Agnès VARDA, "Five and the Skin" by Pierre RISSIENT and "The Night of the Hunter" by Charles LAUGHTON as well as Korean films such as "Walking in the Rain" and "Waikiki Brothers" by LIM Soon-rye and "The Widow" by PARK Nam-ok, the very first female film director of Korea. After these screenings, there was a special talk about film restoration.

The 3rd keyword is 'For Gangneung' which offers a special memory to the audience in Gangneung. Director KIM Eungsu's new work "Beyond the Screen" will be presented as Cine-Live with the musician RYU Han-kil. For family audience, 'Family GIFF' shows "The Prince's Voyage", "PAHUNA", "Fantastic Mr. Fox" for children and some films dealing with teenage issues such as "The Pig" and "Hope You Die Next Time :-)". Well-known film Billy Elliot was a barrier free version, which invited the disabled and the non-disabled together.

'Premier GIFF' presents some films having premieres in Korea including "Those Who Work", "Invasion" and "The Girl with a Bracelet". Such short films like "Homesick", "There is Joy in this Struggle" and "Libre" are qualified enough to attract the audience's attention.

Multiple events are organized for the audience to participate including Forum with major film festival's directors, Night Talk, Life of Cinema, Special Concert and etc.

Gangneung International Film Festival 2019 held various events along with film screenings. '20+80 : Perspectives on Film Festivals in the 21st Century' invited major film festivals' directors from all over the world in order to share each film festival's development and talk about their visions in the future. This, so-called film festival's 'Davos Forum' was held in Gangneung.

In addition, Gangneung's well-known attraction 'Gore Bookstore' holds 'Night Talk' with writers including the poet JEONG Ho-seung. There was a workshop with Hollywood's famous screenwriter, Josh OLSON, talking about cinematic adaptation and another workshop studying of all those filmmaking processes for one film with professionals in each field in the section 'Life of Cinema'. Short-film supporting program which was organized for development of Gangneung films, is another indispensable program of the GIFF.

There have been other events, too. There were Gangneung Arts Center organized events such as Special concert with Korea's representative theater actors PARK Jeong-ja, SON Sook and YOON Seok-hwa and the pianist NOH Young-shim, CINE-POCHA in which people gathered and communicated with soundtrack. In the VR Lounge, which is currently on going, audience can experience some real films. In Gyeongpo Beach, <100X100> produced to celebrate the 100 years of Korean film was exhibited.

The closing film of the GIFF 2019 is Bob Dylan's music documentary 'Don't Look Back' Tribute performance with singers KANG Saneh and YANG Byeong-jib and Gangneung indie bands after the screening


The GIFF 2019 closing film 'Don't Look Back'

The closing ceremony will be held in Gangneung Arts Center's Saimdang Hall, Nov 14(Thu), from 7pm. The closing film is a music documentary "Don't Look Back" which filmed Bob Dylan's live concert. The audience can feel his poetic lyrics which gave him the Nobel Prize in literature in 2016 for his creation of new poetic expression inspired by traditional songs of America. After the screening, singers KANG Saneh and YANG Byeong-jib and indie bands will present tribute performances to celebrate the film festival's grand finale.

In the deepening of autumn, Gangneung International Film Festival 2019 has been held as the last film festival of the year, hosted by Gangneung city(Mayor KIM Han-geun) and Gangneung Culture & Arts Foundation(Executive director LEE Hong-sub), from Nov 8 to 14, in Gangneung Arts Center, CGV Gangneung, Shinyoung Theater, Gore Bookstore, Gyeongpo Beach and the whole region of Gangneung. For further information about the film festival, visit GIFF.kr.

  • Title : Gangneung International Film Festival 2019 (GIFF 2019)
  • Period : Fri. November 8 ~ Thu. November 14, 2019 (7 days)
  • Gangneung Arts Center, CGV Gangneung, Shinyoung Theater, Gore Bookstore, Gyeongpo Beach, etc.
  • Screenings : 73 films from 32 countries
  • Characteristics : Non-Competition Film Festival
  • Keywords : Cinema & Literature, Masters & Newcomers, For Gangneung
  • Sections:
    1. 1. Cinema&Literature┃ Korea Literary Film Special
    2. 2. Cinema&Literature┃ Women Write, Films Remember
    3. 3. Cinema&Literature┃ Expanded: Dylanesque
    4. 4. Masters&Newcomers┃Tribute GIFF: CHOI in-ho
    5. 5. Masters&Newcomers┃Tribute GIFF: KORE-EDA Hirokazu
    6. 6. Masters&Newcomers ┃ ACID Cannes
    7. 7. Premiere GIFF ┃ Discover GIFF
    8. 8. Premiere GIFF┃ Cine-Live: Beyond the Screen
    9. 9. Classic GIFF┃ Re: Discover
    10. 10. Classic GIFF ┃ One-Hit Wonder
    11. 11. Family GIFF ┃ Gangneung Teens
    12. 12. Family GIFF ┃ Gangneung Kids
  • Host: Gangneung City
  • Organizer: Gangneung Culture & Arts Foundation
  • Partners: Korean Film Council(KOFIC) ,The Committee for Korean Film 100 Years , Catholic Kwandong Univesity
  • Official Website: http://giff.kr
  • Social Media
    - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GIFFkorea
    - Twitter: https://twitter.com/GIFF_Kr
    - Instagram: https://instagram.com/giff_kr
    - Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm9tltjwtLofCWvJLg1jNTA/featured