Oct 29, 2020

GIFF2020_Press Release_01_Gangneung International Film Festival 2020 held on November 5th.


Gangneung International Film Festival 2020
held on November 5th.

Gangneung International Film Festival is celebrating its second edition this year. The festival will be held for three days from November 5th to 7th. The organizing committee has decided to shorten the period of the festival to carry out the best measures to ensure health and safety of its visitors and citizens amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 25 films from 14 countries will be screened. Although the number of screenings has been reduced compared to last year, we have prepared an equally exciting and informative program for the audience under three keywords: ‘Cinema and Literature’, ‘Masters and Newcomers', and 'For Gangneung'.

‘Garden of Camellias’ selected for the opening film! The perfect ensemble of Asia's leading actors!


The 2nd Gangneung International Film Festival’s opening film ‘Garden of Camellias’ still

Gangneung International Film Festival has selected “Garden of Camellias” as its opening film this year. “Garden of Camellias” is a story about the beautiful love between a grandmother and a granddaughter living together in a country house where camellias are in full bloom. Actress SHIM Eun-kyung, the leading actress of the film, was born and raised from Gangneung and has displayed a wide spectrum of acting and filmography across Korea and Japan. SHIM Eun-kyung is the first Korean actress to be honored with the Japan Academy Film Prize for best actress at this year’s awards ceremony. She co-stars with FUJI Sumiko, a beloved and renown Japanese actress, and the two actresses’ chemistry is mesmerizing. In addition, major Asian actors such as SUZUKI Kyoka from “Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald”, “Blood and Bones”, CHANG Chen from “The Assassin” and “Dune” also star. The film is the directorial debut of UEDA Yoshihiko, a master in photography. Recognition for his achievements include the Tokyo Art Directors Club Grand Prize and the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival Silver Lion for Graphic Design.

Director UEDA Yoshihiko captured the change of seasons blooming and dying in a cottage garden like a painting. This film has been made by 10-years’ worth of planning and a year’s worth of shooting.
GIFF programmer Jin, CHO said, “The beautiful chemistry between a grandmother and a granddaughter will awaken the memories of the precious things that are becoming rare nowadays” and explained why “Garden of Camellias” was selected as the opening film as “a film to comfort and heal everyone who is silently enduring 2020, facing adversities that we have never experienced before.”

Gangneung Forum is Back! Film festival chairs around the world witness the forum’s transformation, POST COVID-19: Film Festival in The New Normal Era

The 1st Gangneung International Film Festival Forum

Following last year, the 'Gangneung Forum', an international networking forum for film festival chairs representing the world, will be held on Friday, November 6th at 10 am at the Gangneung Lakai Sandpine Resort. This year’s theme is 'POST COVID-19: Film Festival in The New Normal Era,' shares the experiences and responses of international film festivals around the world to the pandemic and welcomes the new normal era. The future vision and sustainability of the festival are to be discussed during this forum.

Overseas panelists decided to conduct interviews in advance to participate online, while domestic panelists will gather in person at the site to hold discussions. This year was a year when film festivals were forced to cancel or transit using various online or offline platforms. Some film festivals chose to go 100% online, and others cancelled. The painful aftermath of COVID-19 was experienced by the film industry both domestically and internationally. The forum will be a meaningful time to share our experiences. The Gangneung Forum will be recorded and uploaded on GIFF's official social media account afterwards.

Gangneung Forum
POST COVID-19: Film Festival in The New Normal Era

Time: Fri. Nov 6, 2020 / 10:00
Venue: Lakai Sandpine Resort
Host: KIM Hong-joon (Artistic Director, GIFF)
Keynote Speech: Piers HANDLING (Former CEO, Toronto International Film Festival)
-Carlo CHATRIAN (Festival Director, Berlin International Film Festival)
-Felipe ALJURE (Artistic Director, Cartagena International Film Festival)
-HISAMATSU Takeo (Festival Director, Tokyo International Film Festival)
-Joanne GOH (Chairman, Malaysia International Film Festival),
-Kirill RAZLOGOV (Program Director, Moscow International Film Festival)
-MAEDA Shu (Festival Director, Fukuoka Asian Film Festival)
-Martine THEROUANNE (Festival Director, Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinemas)
-Samuel JAMIER (Executive Director, New York Asian Film Festival)
-Sabrina BARACETTI (President, Udine Far East Film Festival)
-Wilfred WONG (Chairman, Hong Kong International Film Festival)
-BAE Chang-ho (Festival Director, Ulju Mountain Film Festival)
-CHO Sungwoo (Festival Director, Jecheon International Music and Film Festival)
-SHIN Chul (Festival Director, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival)
-Jay JEON (Festival Director, Busan International Film Festival)
-LEE Joondong (Festival Director, Jeonju International Film Festival)
-PARK Kwangsoo (Festival Director, Seoul International Women's Film Festival)

Eight films for the International Feature Competition Finals announced! Three judges revealed!

This year's GIFF opened a new competition section called 'Premiere GIFF: International Feature Competition'. Films adapted from various ‘literary’ sources, not only novels, essays, and plays, but also nonfiction, graphic novels, and webtoons will compete with one another. The final nominations after preliminaries are the following eight films: “Tench” directed by Patrice TOYE, “Red Bracelets - The Beginning” directed by Felix BINDER, “Brothers in Brothel” directed by SATO Jiro, “Fishing and Fishermen's Conversations” directed by Milan TRENC, “Elsa's Land” directed by Julia KOLESNIK, “The Evening Hour” directed by Braden KING, “Into the World” directed by Marion LAINE, “Erased” directed by Miha MAZZINI.


(From left) ‘Tench’, ‘Red Bracelets - The Beginning’, ‘Brothers in Brothel’, ‘Fishing and Fishermen's Conversations’, ‘Elsa's Land’, ‘The Evening Hour’, ‘Into the World’, ‘Erased’

We also announce the three jury members of the International Feature Competition. The president of the jury is Herman Van EYKEN. He started directing in fine art documentary and has participated in about 200 films, including writing, producing, and directing. He is currently serving as the director of Griffith Film School at Griffith University, Australia's largest film school. Second is Jean-Michel FRODON, former Editor-in-chief of Cahiers du Cinéma, journalist and film critic of Le Monde. Third is Helen LEE, a film director acclaimed by the international film industry for her dramatic and experimental works, such as the Toronto International Film Festival and the Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival.


(From left) International Feature Competition Judges, Herman Van EYKEN, Jean-Michel FRODON, and Helen LEE

The finalist, and awards for Best Feature Film (prize purse of 20 million won), Director and Screenplay (prize purse of 10 million won, respectively) will be selected during the film festival.

Gangneung International Film Festival 2020
Official Screening List

※ Scroll the table left or right to see its contents.
Section Title Director Information
Opening Film Garden of Camellias UEDA Yoshihiko  Japan | 2020 | 128min | AP 
Cinema & Literature_
Women Write, Films Remember 
Gull KIM Mi-jo Korea | 2020 | 75min 
Lynn + Lucy Fyzal BOULIFA UK | 2019 | 84min | KP
Two of Us Filippo MENEGHETTI France, Belgium, Luxembourg┃ 2019┃ 96min┃ KP 
Premiere GIFF_
Tench Patrice TOYE Belgium, Netherlands | 2019 | 95min | KP 
Red Bracelets - The Beginning Felix BINDER Germany | 2019 |115min | KP 
Brothers in Brothel SATO Jiro  Japan | 2020 | 113min | AP 
Fishing and Fishermen's Conversations Milan TRENC Croatia | 2020 | 97min | IP 
Elsa's Land Julia KOLESNIK Russia | 2020 | 98min | IP 
The Evening Hour Braden KING USA | 2020 | 115min | KP
Into the World Marion LAINE France | 2019 | 91min | KP
Erased Miha MAZZINI Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia | 2018 | 86min | KP
Premiere GIFF_
Discover GIFF
A Savior KIM Jin-hee Korea | 2020 | 32min | WP
The Droners SHIM Hyun-seok Korea | 2020 | 23min | WP
Return Home YOO Hyun-jin Korea | 2020 | 19min | WP
How to Cross a Memory CHOI Ye-rin Korea | 2020 | 26min | WP
Their Last Visitor LEE Jea-han Korea | 2020 | 40min | WP
In Full Bloom KIM Jun-gyeom Korea | 2020 | 21min | WP
The Interview PARK Jong-woo Korea | 2019 | 15min | WP
Little Bird KIM Tae-kyun Korea | 2019 | 95min | WP
Juicy Girl MJ KIM Korea | 2020 | 16min | KP
Furthest From KIM Kyung-sok USA, Korea | 2019 | 18min | AP
Premiere GIFF_
GIFF Short Fund 
Exclamation mark and Question mark, Meanwhile PARK Song-hee Korea | 2020 | 25min | WP
One Snowy Day in Spring JO Deok-jin Korea | 2020 | 18min | WP
Rats in the House HONG Yeon-i Korea | 2020 | 19min | WP
  • Title: Gangneung International Film Festival 2020, GIFF 2020
  • Period: Fri. November 5 ~ Thu. November 7, 2020 (3 days)
  • Place: CGV Gangneung, Shinyoung Theater, Gore Bookstore, Lakai Sandpine Resort
  • Screenings: 25 films from 14 countries
  • Key Words: Cinema & Literature, Masters & Newcomers, For Gangneung
  • Organizer: The Gangneung International Film Festival
  • Official Website: GIFF.kr
  • Contact: pr3@giff.kr