Program Sections

Cinema & Literature

GIFF’s symbolic program representing the characteristics of Gangneung, which has long been known as a city of literature. The Cinema & Literature program includes various sub-sections such as Special Screening and Artist Showcase, demonstrating the interrelation between cinema and literature – the two genres in art that tell “stories” to the audience.

Masters & Newcomers
  • Masters The program offers various events including Master Class and Special Talk, paying tribute to great maestros in the film industry.
  • Classic GIFF The Classic GIFF program reinterprets major works in the film history or newly restored films from a fresh angle with the festival’s annual theme.
  • ACID Cannes Films chosen by the ACID Cannes program, a section that gives visibility to new independent directors at the Cannes Film Festival, are introduced to the GIFF audience.
  • Premiere GIFF Maestros, outstanding, newcomer directors premiere screening of their new films.
  • International Competition Feature films based on diverse works of literature including novel, essay, play, non-fiction, graphic novel and webtoon have their Korean premiere for a variety of awards.
Family GIFF

Family GIFF offers two sub-sections — Gangneung Kids and Gangneung Teens, showcasing films for the audience of different generations including preschoolers.