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Baerong Night Talk

Baerong Night Talk got its name from Baerong tree, or Zinnia, which represents the literature town of Gangneung. People from the film and literature circles will be invited to have a diverse talk on the two art forms – film and literature - that deal with “stories.” The talk will be about people, life, film and literature and held at Gore Bookstore, a unique art space in Gangneung.

※ Advance reservation is required due to COVID-19.
1st. Baerong Night Talk:
Cinematic images and
rough brush strokes:
reminder of April Jeju Uprising

While film adaption of webtoon or graphic novel is common, the other way around is not. GIFF invites Mr. O Muel, director of the film, Jiseul and Ms. Keum Suk Gendry-Kim, the writer of its original graphic novel, to see how the two genres similarly yet differently depict the same historical event.
  • Time : Thu. Nov 5, 2020 / 14:00
  • Panels : O Muel (Director), Keum Suk Gendry-Kim (Graphic novelist)
  • Host : Jin CHO (Programmer, GIFF)
2nd. Baerong Night Talk:
Thinking about
Joseon Cinema

CHUNG Chong-hwa, writer of History of Contemporary Korean Cinema (2019), and Han Sang-Eon, senior researcher at Korean Federation of Film Archives and CEO of Han Sang-Eon Cinema Research Institution, will have an in-depth discussion about Joseon cinema. They will review its birth and struggle for survival, cultural changes and industrialization.
  • Time : Fri. Nov 6, 2020 / 19:00
  • Panels : CHUNG Chong-hwa (Senior Researcher, KOFA), Han Sang-Eon (CEO, Han Sang-Eon Cinema Research Institution)
  • Host : KIM Hong-joon (Artistic Director, GIFF)
3rd. Baerong Night Talk:
Short dialogue about
literature, cinema, Gangneung
and love

Many writers still get inspiration from Geumo Sinhwa (the first novel written in Chinese characters by a Korean author KIM Si-seup), Hong Gildong jeon (the first Korean novel written in Hangeul), and the city of Gangneung – home to prominent writers of Joseon Dynasty such as HEO Nanseolheon and SIN Saimdang. YUN Hu-myong who has written over ten stories using his hometown Gangneung as a motif and SEO Yeong-eun, a prominent writer born and raised in Gangneung, will have a candid talk about their life as writers under the theme “Literature, Cinema, Gangneung and Love.”
  • Time : Sat. Nov 7, 2020 / 19:00
  • Panels: YUN Hu-myong (Novelist), SEO Yeong-eun (Novelist)
  • Host : KIM Hong-joon (Artistic Director, GIFF)