2019 giff poster
Gangneung International Film Festival 2019
Fri. November 8 ~ Thu. November 14, 2019 (7 days)
Gangneung Arts Center, CGV Gangneung, Shinyoung Theater, Gore Bookstore, Gyeonpo Beach, etc.
73 films from 32 countries
Non-Competition Film Festival
Cinema & Literature/Masters & Newcomers/For Gangneung


The official poster of Gangneung International Film Festival was inspired by the morning sun rising on the East Sea’s horizon and the velvet red curtains of a theater. The chair in the poster is an open invitation to sit, relax, and enjoy the festival’s line-up. Enjoy, not only our films, but Gangneung’s beautiful nature, and leave refreshed, mind, body, and soul. The open sea reflects our ambition to grow the festival into a renowned global platform for creativity.

IllustratorJungho LEE


The film festival’s official trailer shows the tundra swan, Gangneung’s city symbol, the famous Korean writers Heo Nan-Seol-heon and Shin Sa-im-dang, and the East Sea. When the tundra swan migrates to Korea in November, GIFF will present its carefully selected films from home and abroad. The women of the past symbolize these two female artists, who were absolutely essential in Korean arts and literature. This is the essence of what GIFF envisions: various stories from the past meeting audiences of the present through the screen.

DirectorMi-young Baek