GIFF    Identity
2020 giff poster

Gangneung beach reflecting GIFF’s color of blue

The curtain rises on the 2nd Gangneung International Film Festival. The 1st festival’s curtain that rose with the sunrise over the East Sea now became the red carpet inviting us to the endless sea and the sky. Our ubiquitous cinematic imagination can go anywhere with the nature of Gangneung like the clouds in the sky. In the era of wind brought on by COVID-19, we hope everyone enjoys the 2nd GIFF, feeling free and relaxed surrounded by the nature and good films.

- Design Studio
Jungho LEE

This year’s poster is the work of Jungho Lee, an illustrator who creates surreal illustrations for books. Jungho Lee was recently named the winner of the World Illustration Awards 2016 for his illustration, Promenade.


Con.tra.flow, a communication and design group, designed the 2nd GIFF poster following the previous year. The design group is known for its various works including the poster for Seoul Art Cinema’s Exhibition, artwork for Seoul Independent Film Festival, and related publication design. The group’s expertise accumulated through various projects from poster and logo design to branding is brought on this year’s poster in its fullness.

giff logo

The official logo captures the crisp autumn wind and the shade of roasted coffee beans, highlighting the city’s love for coffee. GIFF, the anacronym of the festival is written in letters with style that resemble the graceful descent of the leaves towards the ground. These lines of movement also represent the genuine bond between movie creators from both home and abroad.


Con.tra.flow, the leading design branding studio in Korea, proudly presents this year’s logo – a fine example of their design philosophy, also witnessed in their recent work for Seoul Art Cinema’s Special Exhibitions and Seoul Indie Film Festival.