The origin of the expression “Turn the page” dates back to the 19th century and referring to reading through a book page-by-page, it means, “Let’s not dwell on the painful and bad moments of our past and open up new episodes of our life.” The use of the phrase has its beginnings in North America, Tunisia, and Europe. This slogan is both a resolution and prayer for leaping into a new stage in life without dwelling on the past or to lose hope in front of a difficult situation in the present.

Memory 2021
The Sea, a Rising Sun, and the Films in Gangneung
Hope that this festival will be remembered as a beacon of hope by many…

Shin Sunmi

A woman in Korean traditional costume holds a cinematograph, the world’s first camera/printer/projector, projecting Gangneung’s sea with a rising sun for the audience. She reminds us of the female artists from the city of Gangneung, such as Heo Nanseolheon and Shin Saimdang. Additionally, little cinema fairies in the background bustle about carrying various parts of the cinematograph.

Screening with the cinematograph is viewed as the world’s “first film screening” because it truly enabled the public to watch a movie together as a group. Like the beginning of a film was a shared experience, we hope that the 3rd GIFF offers a festive venue where people can once again experience the beauty of “group watching.”

The 3rd GIFF poster was created by the design studio FLAPFLAP, using original features drawn by Shin Sunmi whose unique painting technique made the Korean traditional painting popular again, suggesting a new way forward for the medium.

Drawing: SHIN Sunmi

Almost two years have passed since we stopped sharing happiness and sadness with each other. Feeling alone, living out our days in solitude. I looked at the sparsely planted trees as I ran. Rain, followed by snow. Seasons changed. It was comforting to watch trees change their clothes. Despite being separated from each other, all the trees stretch out their branches of hope towards the sky, and their roots are able to reach out to each other. Seeing these trees standing along the path gave me great comfort. We are still running. With the hope that we will meet again at the end of this path, in the embrace of a thick and luscious forest.

Despite the pandemic, people are working hard to create an environment for film production, screening, and cinema.
It is my hope that I captured the image of filmmakers who keep running and growing towards their dreams.

Director KIM Jinyu

Director Kim Jinyu, who directed the trailer for the 3rd Gangneung International Film Festival, is currently the most active filmmaker in Gangneung. His feature-length debut ///Bori///, which was released last year, was shown at both domestic and foreign film festivals and received rave reviews, thanks to its warm sensibility and delicate direction. It won the Fern Flower Award at the 7th Kids Kino International Film Festival, the DGK Award at the 23rd Busan International Film Festival, the Best Picture Award at the 18th Spirit of Fire Film Festival and the Audience Award and Chemnitz Award at the 24th Schlingel International Film Festival.

Director : KIM Jinyu
Cast : KWAK Jinseock
Cinematographer : LEE Kunsol
Camera Department : JEONG Grim, CHIN Seohyung
Special Effects : JUNG Jongbae
Music : CHOI Manseon
Sound Design : CHOI Jiyeoung