Re: Origin

Snow White


The movie begins with a photo of a dead body in the snow. The body is of Robert Walser, a Swiss novelist and poet who died of a heart attack while he was taking a walk alone on a Christmas day. The photo is famous because Robert Walser described in his prose, , a poet’s lonely death on a snowfield. Following the photo, an empty black screen appears with voice narration, reading some lines of Snow White that Walser adapted himself. The dialogue is between Snow White and the witch who just killed her. Walser’s adaptation of Snow White and Monteiro’s Snow White begins from the point where the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale ends and looks at what happens after the “happily ever after.” Experimenting with content and format and building on Walser’s imagination, director Monteiro totally overturns common ideas about Snow White.

from Portuguese short stories was presented at Venice Film Festival, where he returns with and wins the Silver Lion. Again in Venice with and another prize. Known as provocative, performs in all his film usually as the main character.
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