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Iran, Canada202098minColorFiction

Set in today’s Iran, the film revolves around two sisters Akram and Azar—one is autistic and the other is a beautician—who live with their overbearing older brother. One day, Akram accidentally pushes her brother off the roof and kills him. The two sisters then hide his body and tells everyone that he fled to Germany. While Azar grows increasingly nervous about keeping up the lie, in Akram’s mind, the lie turns into reality, and she ends up believing that her brother will come back. According to director Kaveh Mazaheri, the film was inspired by a true story about a brother mistreating his autistic sister. He wondered what would happen if the sister turned the table on him one day. Reminiscent of a Coen brothers’ film, this black comedy presents a careful portrait of two women who break free from the patriarchal order by sheer chance.

2021 Fajr International Film Festival (상)
2020 Torino Film Festival (상)
Kaveh Mazaheri has started filmmaking on self-taught in 2005. One of his films named has won more than 80 international awards and it was qualified at three academy awards qualifying film festivals such as tribeca, krakow and palm springs in 2017. is his first feature film.
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