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Untold Scandal


Mrs. Cho always grumbles that she was born during the Joseon Dynasty, which forces chastity and faithfulness. One day, she asks her cousin Won, one of the most well-known playboys of the Joseon era, to seduce a young woman who is soon to be Mr. Cho’s mistress. However, Won has been struggling already with another difficult target on his mind, the famous woman of fidelity, Jeong. The film ///Untold Scandal/// is based on ///Dangerous Liaisons///, a French epistolary novel by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, which, published in 1782, depicts the desires and dark tricks of French aristocrats. Director Lee brought the original story to a place with completely different social norms and cultural values. Lee successfully recreates and expands the original story that explores secretive human nature by adapting it into a Confucian society that emphasizes chastity and demonizes women with expressive desires.

2004 Shanghai International Film Festival
LEE Jaeyong
A member of the 7th group of graduates from the Korean Academy of Film Arts, Lee Jaeyong’s first feature was the fiction film, ///An Affair///, starring Lee Misuk and Lee Jungjae. He has directed various movies with different genres and styles including ///Asako in Ruby Shoes///, ///Untold Scandal///, and ///Dasepo Naughty Girls///. ///My Brilliant Life/// earned the Audience Award at the 17th Udine Far East Film Festival and ///The Bacchus Lady/// won the Best Screenplay Award at the 20th Fantasia Festival.
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