International Narrative Feature CompetitionKP

Hot Soup


A story of four women trying to make a happy life in Sanghai. Tgangtang, an executive at an AI company, and her husband want a baby. Duling is writing a PhD paper on China’s economic development and happiness index. Teen girl Fangyuan struggles to meet her father’s expectations. Meng, who studies people’s happiness, gets to meet the same taxi driver every time. Although the society we live in rapidly changes, the pursuit of happiness is still an important thing to everyone. That is what runs through these four women. They live different lives in different places, but the film sophisticatedly crosscuts them to make them look like one person. Our desire to be happy remains strong in this changing world, and these four women’s stories come together like a bowl of hot soup with various ingredients.

2020 Warsaw Film Festival
2020 Hainan International Film Festival
Zhang Ming is a film director, screenwriter, producer, professor of the Beijing Film Academy and selection advisor for Shanghai International Film Festival. His previous film premiered at Cannes Directors' Fortnight 2018. is Zhang Ming’s 10th feature film.
  • Tue. Oct 26, 2021


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