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Film Special

Rainy Days

ⓒKorean Film Archive
Korea 1979 125minColorDCP


YU Hyun-mok
ⓒKorean Film Archive


Due to the war, Dong-man’s family on his mother’s side have fled to his house. The house is now even more crowded due to Dong-man’s extended family from his father and mother’s side all living under the same roof. During a thunderstorm, Dong-man’s grandmother, who is deeply troubled and traumatized by losing her son during the Korean civil war, starts screaming that the commies should be wiped out from the face of this world. The ramblings of the troubled old woman get on the nerves of Dong-man’s other grandmother. Her second son is a leftist partisan. Unspeakable tension starts to build up between the two women.
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