International Narrative Feature CompetitionKP

The Night Doctor


Mikaël is a night doctor who treats patients from underprivileged neighborhoods in Paris. His pharmacist cousin makes him issue fraudulent prescriptions for alternative drugs. Meanwhile, he is embroiled in a dangerous affair with his cousin’s colleague. One day, his cousin asks him to issue a prescription for a high-risk drug with powerful hallucinogenic effects that could replace heroin. When Mikaël refuses to do so, he begins to receive threats from the drug traffickers. Tonight, he has to reclaim control over his life. The film creates a new portrait of Paris by delving into stories of those who are invisible in daylight and only reveal themselves in the dark of night. Vincent Macaigne, a muse for young French directors, leaves a lasting impression as a man in crisis.

2021, 2020 Cannes Film Festival
2021 Shanghai International Film Festival
Elie Wajeman began his career as a filmmaker with his short film Los Angeles. In 2011, he directed his debut feature, starring Pio Marmaï. The film met critical acclaim and was selected at the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes. His second feature, , opened the 54th edition of La Semaine de la Critique.
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