Georges Perec: A User’s ManualKP

Les Lieux d'une fugue


Among the many movies Perec participated in, this is the only one that he directed alone. He wrote this story in 1965 and a book with the same title was published after he died.
The French word “fugue” used in the title means “playing hooky and roaming around for hours”. This autobiographical movie takes the voiceover narrator back to his life 30 years ago, centering on the story of an 11-year-old Perec growing up in his aunt’s house after losing his parents to the Second World War. The narrator describes young Perec’s “fugue” against the backdrop of today’s Champs Élysées – the place where he actually roamed during his youth – without a protagonist appearing on screen. At the end of the movie, the 3rd person narrative switches to a 1st person narrative, privately sharing lonely memories. The movie is directed in the simplest way possible and yet captures the quintessence of delicate delineation and autobiographical characters.

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Georges PEREC
Georges Perec won the Prix Renaudot for his first novel, published in 1965. Since then he has written fictions, plays , an opera libretto, radio plays, a collection of dreams, and a study of the game of go.
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