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Going up rue Vilin


Rue Vilin, which is in the neighborhood of Belleville in Paris, is a place where labor workers collectively lived as a group. Perec himself lived in this district from birth until he was six years old. His mother ran a hair salon until she was forcibly sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp. The district, which became run down, was demolished on March 4, 1982, the day after Perec’s death and is now a public park. In the movie, director Robert Bober builds on Perec’s work by putting together 500 pictures, the fragmented memories of Rue Vilin, as if solving a puzzle. The work recreates the forgotten history and memories of the people who used to live in a place that no longer exists. This also helps Perec configure the childhood section of his book W, or the Memory of Childhood. The film was completed in 1992 and became Bober’s beautiful homage to his friend Perec, who lived a short life.

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Robert BOBER
Robert Bober considered as one of the most renowned documentary directors, especially in France. In the 1960s and 1970s, his films mainly explored the postwar period and the consequences of the Holocaust. In 1979, he produced a documentary in close collaboration with Georges Perec, .
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