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Special Talk Guest ㅣ YI Seoyoung
Yi Seoyoung writes science fiction and fantasy while working at a labor union. Her literary career began by publishing her short story ///The Origin of the Species/// and ///Elephant Beyond the Gates/// in the science fiction-fantasy webzine Mirror in 2010. She has published ///The Taste of the Alligator///, ///Reign in the Lower Place///, and ///Yumi’s Lover, Graduating///, ///A Collection of Sci-fi Shorts by Female Writers///,///It’s Not Over Yet/// and ///The Little Mermaid’s Steps///, among others. She is vastly interested in what kind of humans technology excludes and works for, or whether these very humans excluded by technology can use technology to subvert.
  • Sat. Oct 23, 2021


    CGV Gangneung 3