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Step into the River

China, France202015minColor Animation

Special Talk Guest ㅣ SONG Kyunga
Song completed a doctorate course in Korean language and literature and has been working as a novelist and translator since the publication of her first piece, ///Association of Runaway Teens///. She has published novels including ///My Sister’s Lover is My Lover///, ///Project LC. RC/// and ///Night Parade of One Hundred Demons/// and took part in SF anthologies with ///Locked up in a Book/// and ///Finding a Lost Concept///. With a great interest in SF and horror literature, she has translated fantasy literature including ///The S&M Feminist///, ///The Vampire Shortstop///, ///The Dragon Pearl/// and ///Philosopher's Stone///.
  • Sun. Oct 24, 2021


    CGV Gangneung 2