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is structured so that two stories that take place in Gangwon-do during the winter intersect with each other. A young man who is about to enlist in the military goes on a trip from Cheorwon to Sokcho in search of his father. Meanwhile, a woman who is running away from her oppressive husband returns to her hometown in Cheorwon from Sokcho with the help of a stranger. The story of two people moving in opposite directions in the same space unfolds as if they are unrelated. Director PARK Kiyong said he was inspired by Lee Hyoseok's while creating the film. Elements similar to the novel can be found in the film such as a father and son who are separated and a woman who escaped from a situation similar to on that the mother faced in the novel. However, is far from a faithful adaptation. is a film about the space of Gangwon-do rather than the stories of the characters. The space they pass through is an area adjacent to the 38 parallel that separates the two Koreas. The living past of Korea permeates this space. The storyline of this film is just a representation of the many memories that have witnessed this time and space.

PARK Kiyong
With his feature , Park Kiyong received the New Currents Award at the Busan International Film Festival; Jury Award at the Fribourg International Film Festival; and FIPRESCI Prize Special Mention at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Since then, he has directed several films including and . He is currently the head professor of the Department of Film at Dankook University's Graduate School of Culture, Arts, and Design.
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