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School of Hope

Finland, France, Morocco202078minColorDocumentary

A vast desert, east of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, where regular rain and snow used to allow livestock to grow well, now is suffering from never-ending drought due to climate change. People have to walk miles to get drinking water from mud pits. Their nomadic life becomes almost impossible now. The Oulad Boukais tribe in the region is facing the need to adapt to the changing environments and settle down. Parents in the tribe set up a small school hoping that education would help the next generation prepare for a new way of life. The director of this film, Mohammed El Aboudi, filmed teachers and students of for three years. Children come to school by riding donkeys, bicycles, or on foot. Due to the government's indifference, young teachers are forced to fight by themselves at the school, where there is no electricity, to help their children. Until when should we leave everything to these teachers’ altruism and sacrifice? The film leaves heavy questions to us.

2021 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (상)
Mohamed El ABOUDI
Mohamed El Aboudi was born in Morocco and graduated from Bond University, Australia with a degree of Master of Film and Television. He currently resides in Finland, and was awarded in 2006 as the best and most experienced documentary director by the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. His long documentary, had its world premiere at Locarno International Film Festival.
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