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Skies of Lebanon


The 1950s. Alice left her boring hometown of Switzerland for the sunny and vibrant land of Lebanon. There, she falls in love with astrophysicist Joseph, who dreams of developing a spacecraft that will send the first Lebanese into space. Alice and Joseph quickly form a family. However, after a few sweet years, a civil war in Lebanon threatens Alice and Joseph’s paradise. is director Chloé Mazlo’ s first feature film. It was inspired by an autobiographical story of the director's grandmother. The film depicts Lebanon, once free, but now destroyed, through a magical and sad perspective. The film is directed in a unique way that blends real images with stop motion images. The fairy tale atmosphere created by stop motion techniques is gradually destroyed by real images of the civil war in Lebanon.

2021 San Francisco International Film Festival
2020 Cannes Film Festival
Chloé Mazlo is a filmmaker and visual artist living in Paris. After studying graphic design at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, she specialized in filmmaking, at the crossroads of different techniques. Her third short film, , won the 2015 César for short film. is her first feature film.
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