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Alice Diop's documentary about the people of the suburbs of Paris is an ambitious attempt to capture the essence of 'we' created by individuals who are separated from each other like islands. However, this film’s intention is not to define this community of ‘us’. This is a story about the people who make up 'we'. For this film, director Alice Diop revisits the northern suburbs of Paris, where she spent her childhood. She captures Blacks and immigrants who live there. They're mechanics, nurses, and they are Alice Diop's family. She explains what inspired her to create the film as: “It's my obsession to preserve the existence of ordinary life that would have disappeared without a trace if I hadn't filmed it.” The lives of people Diop is obsessed about since her first movie, in other words, the lives of ordinary people who will not be recorded in history, are captured in the film through the director's affectionate gaze.

2021 Berlin International Film Festival (상)
Alice DIOP
Born and raised in Aulnay-sous-Bois, Alice Diop questions contemporary French society and its cultural diversity. Her film won the best short film award at the French César Awards in 2017.
  • Tue. Oct 26, 2021


    CGV Gangneung 7


  • Fri. Oct 29, 2021


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