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Center Stage: Director's Cut

Hong Kong1992156mincolorFiction

In the spring of 1935, Ruan Lingyu, an actress representing the Chinese silent film era, took her own life and put everyone in shock. Entered the film industry at the young age of sixteen, she appeared in 29 films over the nine years and became an idol. However, she ended her short life at the age of 25 after suffering from yellow journalism and abusive men who used her. Stanley Kwan made this film by mixing the 1992 film

, a biographical film of Ruan Lingyu, played by Maggie Cheung, and actual archive footage of Ruan Lingyu.
screened at Gangneung International Film Festival will have more archive footage re-edited by the director. Maggie Cheung was received well by her performance in
and showed tremendous growth going beyond her previous typical roles. This film, the combination of fictional Ruan Lingyu and real Ruan Lingyu is also a portrait of two actresses representing each era.
(2021. 4K Restoration)

1992 Berlin International Film Festival (상)
Stanley KWAN
Stanley Kwan found himself working with several of the young directors who went on to become figureheads of a 'new wave' in Hong Kong cinema in the late 1970s/early 1980s, including Ann Hui, Yim Ho and Patrick Tam. He joined them when they moved into the film industry.
won Maggie Cheung the Best Actress prize in Berlin. In addition to his feature films he has directed short films, documentaries and a play which was staged in Hong Kong and London.
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