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Igor has the blues after his ex-girlfriend, Marie, becomes an influencer through her stories on male delusions of female orgasms. He’s worried others might think he fails to please her. Feeling wrath and regret, Igor finds Marie’s house with his friend Arno. There he discovers her living in company with her friends, enjoying a Bohemian lifestyle true to her primal nature. This film is directed by Noé Debré, the screenwriter of Jacques Audiard’s . Debré, who also works in theater, manages to progress within a limited apartment space with minimal props to focus on the interaction between the actors. Just like the title of the film, because , we cannot but only concentrate on the issue of sexual gratification.

Noé Debré is a French writer and director. He wrote among other films Jacques Audiard's , Romain Gavras' , Tom McCarthy's , or Michel Hazanavicius's . He is also the creator and show-runner of the TV series . is his third short film as a director.
  • Wed. Oct 27, 2021


    CGV Gangneung 3


  • Fri. Oct 29, 2021


    CGV Gangneung 2