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Solar Eclipse

Iran, France202115mincolorFiction

Saaghi and her two friends living in Tehran are very excited to see the total eclipse as it only happens once a century. The playful and rebellious teens go to the park to take a picture of the event, steal a camera stand and talk about boys and an upcoming party. Their wanderings lead them to a remote part of the park and the eclipse starts. As the sun appears again after the event, Saaghi sees something that should have remained hidden.
Saaghi’s daily life seems to be tranquil and even boring. But it has a crack that in fact has long been in the making but only is revealed through an unusual natural phenomenon, the solar eclipse. When children realize this crack in their life, they grow up one step further. The movie figuratively speaks of the painful growth of children through an unexpected natural phenomenon.

Alireza Ghasemi is an Iranian Filmmaker. He received his Master’s degree in Film Directing from the Art University of Tehran. He has made several short films until the global admired short ///Lunch Time//, which earned him a nomination for the short film Palm d’Or of Cannes Film Festival.
Raha Amirfazli is an Iranian filmmaker who graduated from the Art University of Tehran in Film Directing. She has made several short films that have earned her national and international screenings, including ///Nausea//.
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