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Love Hurts


Sam, a teenage girl, falls in love with Troy, the leader of an ultraviolent teenage gang and whose body is always covered with wounds. One day, he tells Sam that he cannot feel physical pain at all and asks the shy and introverted girl to hit him as if he is a punching bag. After multiple declines, she reluctantly agrees only to find it greatly satisfying as it helps her release suppressed emotions. Because she likes Troy, she is now afraid of herself. What is love? For this question which has no absolute answer, society still applies some moral standards and conventional ethics. Director Rysto puts this complicated relationship before the audience, directly asking the true meaning of love.

Elsa Rysto studied cinema in the south of France for 5 years. Now an assistant director on feature films and television series, she spends her free time writing to direct her own short films. , winner of the 2012 SIRAR script contest at the Aubagne International Film Festival, is her first. is the second.
  • Wed. Oct 27, 2021


    CGV Gangneung 3


  • Fri. Oct 29, 2021


    Shinyoung Theater