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Delicious Dinner


The morning of her daughter’s field trip, the mother couldn’t fix breakfast for her due to experiencing lengthy nightmares. The mother, instead, promises to cook braised short ribs for dinner as the daughter requests. Out of guilt, the mother closes her store early to shop for groceries and start cooking. However a strange ambience surrounds the family that night. Seven dismal years have passed since the sinking of MV Sewol without any signs of the truth behind what happened. The parents of the victims retain a sense of guilt that haunts them night after night. The breakfast she couldn’t fix for her daughter, the worn-out silk thread laid on the table…the most trivial things leave the bereaved with hard feelings. These days, some say we should stop talking about the tragic incident. Others say they are sick and tired. But that is why every single film on Sewol is even more priceless.

KIM Jaehoon
Kim Jaehoon majored in advertising and filmmaking in college. Since 2005, he has studied filmmaking while working as an assistant director on various sets of commercial films. He is working on scripts with various investors and production companies like Megabox and Bidangil Pictures and is also getting ready to direct a commercial film.
  • Sat. Oct 23, 2021


    CGV Gangneung 3


  • Thu. Oct 28, 2021


    Gwana Theater