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Trueman Life


The title, is inspired by Peter Weir's , which depicts Truman's life, where everything surrounding him is fake. If is about one person being fooled, is about someone who is cheating. The film is composed of four episodes in the form of interviewing Geukja, owner of a role-acting service company. One day, she becomes an intruder secretly destroying pottery, a family heirloom. The other day, she becomes a reporter who interviews a man as if he is an author to help him attract a cafe owner, a wife who swoops into the scene of an affair, and a daughter-in-law who calls her parents-in-law and send her regards on behalf of the real daughter-in-law. Geukja makes money by becoming someone else. The film tells stories of those who hire her and those who get deceived by her. The film is not about how these role-acting businesses work, but it is about people living Truman’s Life in this era.

PARK Seokyong
Park Seokyong studied Film & Animation at Hongik University, and made as her senior project in 2021.
  • Sat. Oct 23, 2021


    CGV Gangneung 3


  • Thu. Oct 28, 2021


    Gwana Theater