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Opus .03 Gravity


Suin, a medical student, is carrying out illegal abortions to pay for his father's hospital bills. He is in a coma. His main customers are teenagers. A shabby inn is his operating room where he performs abortions. His clients contact him via illegal channels. The police find out about his operations and eventually investigate him. His client, a high school girl, denies any knowledge of him and Suin is let go. However, the police are not convinced and keep an eye on him. A new customer contacts him. ///Opus .03 Gravity/// is a story of people that have their own heavy crosses to bear. Suin, who performs illegal procedures, and his clients are crushed under the weight of the grim reality they all must bear. No one can judge them unless they have been in their shoes. Why does gravity not seem to affect them? They seem to be floaters of this world, like they don’t belong.

JUNG Kihyuk
Jung Kihyuk originally studied electronic engineering but, wanting to become a film director, he got his bachelor’s and master’s degree in film at YongIn University, and a Ph.D. in Film Making at the Graduate School of Art & Technology at Chung-Ang University. He has continuously been involved with making independent films and as of 2021 he has been working on , an independent feature sponsored by the Korean Film Council.
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