Down with the King

USA, France2021100mincolorFiction

Celebrity rapper Money is sent to a rural farm in Massachusetts to work on a record, but he's already fed up with the music industry and the pressure to maintain his reputation. He immediately falls in love with the slow pace of country life and announces his retirement through social media however his agency is determined to bring back their high-grossing rapper. The film delightfully depicts the journey of a famous rapper who changes through the unexpected encounter with farmers. Directed by Diego Ongaro, the film’s protagonist is played by world-famous gangster rapper Freddie Gibbs. Gibbs has experienced similar events in his real life, such as conflict with his record label and the pressure a star must deal with, making the fictional character Money a more complex and realistic character. To add more to the film’s hyper-realism, the other characters of the film consist of professional actors and non-professional actors of the music industry.

2021 Cannes Film Festival
Diego Ongaro is a French director living in rural western Massachusetts. In 2005, he wrote and directed ME MY BAG AND MY BALL in 2005, a short film that won the Canal+ Award at the 2006 Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival. He has since directed three other short films, RETURN TO LABRADORIA (Clermont Ferrand & Aspen Shortfest 2008), RICE AND MEAT (Winner of Milano Film Fest. 2009 in the section “Short, Yet Good”) and BOB AND THE TREES.
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