I Comete – A Corsican Summer


In a small town in Corsica, children run, teenagers hang out, adults discuss the future and old people look back at their past. Those who have never left the village welcome those returning from abroad. Family and old friends share these precious moments in the mountains. Summer may stop time at the sound of laughter under the hot sun, but it cannot heal all wounds. In his directorial debut, Corsica-born writer, theater director and actor Pascal Tagnati creates unusual portraits of his family and neighbors. He unfolds the story of the villagers like fragments, as if he were trying to place together several different pieces of a puzzle that will never be completed. Even as the film advances step by step, their stories are not connected to a single narrative, and his camera often observes the villagers in long takes, sometimes suddenly stepping closer into their secret moments.

2021 Rotterdam International Film Festival (상)
2021 Cannes Film Festival
Pascal Tagnati is an actor, author and director. He released his first short film, ///Belorusskaïa//, in which he also acted, in 2010. In his films, Pascal Tagnati observes his time, his contemporaries or himself, with humor, sensitivity and melancholy. ///I Comete – A Corsican Summer// is his first feature film.
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