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After a 30 year exile in Paris, Jana returns to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, her hometown. She wants to find the quiet lake in the forest that Paulius, her first lover, called "Walden". The journey of finding the lake reminds her of feelings of first love, the grey market before the fall of the communist bloc and her longings for freedom 30 years ago. Young Jana and Paulius may have thought that the lake, based on the original literature piece, Walden Pond, by Henry David Thoreau, could be their peaceful shelter, but it was in fact an unstable and sloppy place where the political police would make abrupt visits, Director Horackova was born in the Czech Republic and sought asylum in Paris when she was 17. Like she did in the documentary film, ///A l’est de moi/// (2008), Horackova tells an autobiographical story with regrettable, calm and meditative eyes.

2020 Cannes Film Festival
2020 Locarno International Film Festival
Bojena Horackova directed her first feature film ///Mirek didn’t Leave// in 1996 selected at Belfort Entrevues, Rotterdam and etc. Her second feature film, //East from Me//, was presented as part of the international competition at Belfort Entrevues in 2008. She also directed several documentaries including ///Far from Here//. ///Walden// is her third feature film.
  • Thu. Oct 28, 2021


    Shinyoung Theater


  • Fri. Oct 29, 2021


    CGV Gangneung 3