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Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Qatar2021100mincolorFiction

In the early 20th century, Liborio, a common farmer, is lost in a hurricane and comes back with a holy spirit in his body. He tells people that he is entrusted with a mission from God to do a good deed, stamp out vice and cure the sick. More and more people follow him and move into a mountainous village with the hope of making a free, independent community. Soon, the invasion of the US Marine Corps brings about an abrupt turn of events. Liborio wants to avoid a fight but knows that they cannot run away forever. Inevitably, a fierce war begins. The film doesn’t tell whether Liborio is the Messiah or not. Still, he is the center of a group of people who lack the means to defend themselves. With an interesting perspective, Nino Martínez Sosa’s first feature recreates an actual person, Liborio, who became an inspiration for many in North America with his bold resistance to the US invasion in 1915-1916.

2021 Rotterdam International Film Festival
Nino Martínez SOSA
After study film at Santo Domingo University, He moved to Spain and began a prolific career as an editor working in several awarded feature films and documentaries such as: , , among others. He founded in his home country the production company. Balsié Guanábana Macuto that serves as a launchpad for his director’s career and directed his first feature film .
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    Shinyoung Theater


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