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Songs for Rain


A prolonged drought dries up a river, causing difficulties to the livelihood of the people in a remote fishing village. Losing their major income sources, they begin to desperately rely on shamanism and receiving advice from the elderly. One day, a priest declares that the only way to call rain is to marry an old man in the village to a young man. The people have a fierce discussion on this issue but eventually agree that they will make it happen. However, Benga, the naive man who was chosen as the groom, already has a woman he wants to marry. The movie bitterly criticizes collectivism that is accepted in the name of common interest. Can the sacrifice of an individual – one that is always weak - really make a miracle?

2021 New York Indian Film Festival
2021 Melbourne Indian Film Festival
Krrishna Kt BORAH
An alumni of Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute in the department of Producing for Film and Television. is the debut feature film of the director. Prior to that, he has been a part of few short films and documentaries mainly produced by the institute as a part of the academic curriculum. His documentary project , has been awarded as the best short documentary at 2019, Kolkata International Film Festival.
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    Shinyoung Theater


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