Film as a Subversive Art

The Round-Up


is evaluated as a political movie - innovative in content and challenging in format. It is also one of the initial works of Miklós Jancsó that made him a world-renowned director. The film is set against Hungary in the late 1860s where the national movement led by Kossuth has been crushed and the Austrian hegemony re-established. The authorities round up and jail the guerilla members in an isolated fort and learn that the guerilla leader is present among the prisoners. To identify the leaders, they apply multifarious forms of coercion. The film, homage to the people who fought hard for the Hungarian independence, reminds us the old Hungary where Jancsó lived by telling an old story. That time, Hungary was still fighting for its independence although the Austrian army was replaced by the Soviet army. Hungary in his time overlaps the image of the film.
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1966 Cannes Film Festival
1966 Locarno International Film Festival (상)
He became widely known to Europe with and , deemed the greatest film in films history. His films, mostly reflecting the history of repeating violence and repression, have been making their fame by the bold and powerful mise en scene staged in Hungarian great plain, the long take cinematography beautifully capturing moving characters and the choreography direction.
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