Film as a Subversive Art

The Young and the Damned


is a film directed by Luis Buñuel in Mexico who is well known for his monumental surreal film in Paris. The film has neorealistic and surrealistic elements at the same time. It is also inscribed on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register as it is deemed important records of the people and the city using Español. The film describes a city slum in Mexico in the raw while exhibiting Buñuel’s unique dreamy images as illusions. The movie shows children who are still young but adapt to the law of the jungle. They are sometimes more vicious than adults and their violent acts lead to death. They are without compassion. Maybe that’s the feeling they don’t even know of because the world never extended love or sympathy to them.
(2019. 4K Restoration)

1951 Cannes Film Festival (상)
He was a Spanish filmmaker who was a leading figure in Surrealism, the tenets of which suffused both his life and his work. An unregenerate atheist and communist sympathizer who was preoccupied with themes of gratuitous cruelty, eroticism, and religious mania, he won early fame with avant-garde experiments in France and then pursued an obscure career in Mexican commercial cinema before earning international acclaim with his late films made in Spain and France.
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