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: CHOI in-ho

Windmill of My Mind

ⓒKorean Film Archive
Korea1976 92minColorDCP


KIM Soo-yong
ⓒCine 21


Young-ho is the child of a mistress. Trying to become an heir of his father, Young-ho starts living in his father’s house with a sickly half-brother, Young-min. Hoping to break up with his girlfriend, Myoung-suk, Young-ho introduces his half-brother to her. Myoung-suk feels that something is lacking in Young-ho and goes on a trip with Young-min. Torn with loneliness and longing for her, Young-ho regrets his decision and tries to get her back. As time passes by and Young-min gets the rights of inheritance, Young-ho decides to leave his father’s house.
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