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Strawberry Mansion


In the near future, the government forces citizens to record their dreams and imposes taxes on them. Civil servant James is given the job of auditing Bella’s dreams and visits her house. There he finds a vast library of VHS tapes containing a lifetime of dreams, and sets about auditing them. In the process, he falls for a woman who appears in Bella’s dreams, and grows distant from the real world. The near future portrayed in this surreal romantic fantasy is not too away. Advertisements already encroach on our subconsciousness, and artificial intelligence is used to select news items and suggest ways of viewing the world. The film makes us question the present-day validity of the values that we previously discarded upon departing from the analogue era. This fantastic film with vivid colors was shot digitally before being transferred to 16mm.

2021 Sundance Film Festival
2021 Sitges Film Festival
Albert Birney has previously directed three feature films. co-directed with Kentucker Audley was named one of the ten-best films of 2017 by The New Yorker.
Kentucker AUDLEY
Kentucker Audley is a filmmaker and actor. He starred in the 2015 Sundance-premiered, and can be seen in many other indie films. is his second collaboration with Albert Birney after 2017's .
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