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Press Guide

Gangneung International Film Festival (GIFF) provides press service via Webhard. All the press release and photo data offered by the festival will be uploaded to Webhard in which visitors can see updated festival schedule, changes and event photos.
During the festival, you can use the press center, the video room and request for interview and data.

Press Service
The press can download press release, films’ photo data, on-site photos of the festival from the 1st GIFF Webhard. / ID: giffpress / PW: 2019

Press Badge Guide
Press badge will be issued only for the early applicants and the ones with this badge are open for general activities for news gatherings including watching films of the festival (4 films a day except the opening/closing and midnight showings). Booking a ticket will require identification process. Advance application for the badge requires certain documents identifying reporters, critics or the press and the application may be rejected after reviewing the documents.
  • Application Date : Sep 30th – Oct 25th 2019, 18:00
  • Receipt Time : Nov 9th – 14th 09:30-18:00
    The opening day (Nov 8th) doesn’t open the badge desk.
    On the last day (Nov 14th), the applicants can receive the badge by 12:00
  • Receipt Place : Badge desk in CGV Gangneung 6th floor
    The process accompanies with identification process.
Daily Pass Guide
Daily Pass can be issued in order to support simple coverage such as photo shoots and general press activities. However, the daily pass doesn’t issue tickets for showings. It is only available for the day of issuance and it must be returned to the receipt place (Press Center). The issuance requires business card submission and identification.
  • Application Date : Nov 9th – 14th 2019 10:00-20:00
  • Issue Time : Nov 9th – 14th 2019 10:00-20:00
    The opening day (8th) doesn’t open the press center.
    On the last day (14th), applicants can receive the pass by 14:00.
  • Issue/Return Place : Press Center
    The process accompanies with identification process.
Individual Interview Guide
  • Date : Nov 9th – 14th
  • Application : For an interview, enter the name of a guest, schedule and the need for interpretation Y/N and send it to 2 days before the interview. If there is a change, please let the PR team know at least a day before. The application on the very day can’t be accepted and the requested interview may not be accomplished according to guest’s situation.
Press Center
  • Location : Beside the 3th Exhibition Hall, 1st floor of the Gangneung Arts Center
  • Date : Nov 9th (Sat) – 14th (Thu), 2019
  • Operating Hours : 10:00 – 20:00
    On the closing day (14th), the press center opens untill 14:00.